Frequently Asked Questions

What we do?

We design and build your residence from scratch until it is finished.

How to contact us?

Simply fill the form here.

I live overseas, can you build my residence?

Unfortunately, we only available around Java, Indonesia.

Where i can build a residence?

We only available around Java for now. If you need to build outside the island, you can contact us for further discussion.

What’s your price list?

You can contact us directly to know more about the price list.

Can you build with a minimalist design?

We are focused on Minimalist and Contemporary design. So, that is one of our fields.

Reach Us

Jl. Sutisna senjaya no 68-70
Tasikmalaya 46113
(0265) 313398

Jl. Cicendo gg. Polisi no 6
Bandung 40171
(022) 4236544

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